Playing About It…

“Don’t think about it, play about it” means allowing yourself the pleasure of play on a regular basis. It means that, when faced with feelings of insecurity, pressure, instability, boredom, etc., you can engage in play to help balance your life. Playing throughout your life has incredible benefits on your mental, emotional, and physical well being!

Reflect for a moment on the role of play in your daily life. Do you allow yourself to engage in playful activities without feeling guilty or unproductive?

The stereotypical American is busy, rushed, and over consumed with work. Adults often view play as childish, a waste of time, and can feel embarrassed for engaging in playful activities. Because of this, play as a natural and pleasurable experience is an endangered concept in modern society because people no longer see the value in it.

This blog will show you that play is productive! Play is energizing, refreshing, and a wonderful form of stress relief… Yes, even for adults. There’s no reason you should ever outgrow the need for play.


3 Comments to “Playing About It…”

  1. This is really interesting! Well done, Ms Spielberger!

  2. I love the phrase “you can engage in play to help balance your life.” I think the world needs that message and I am very happy that your blog is up and running so that I can share it with people. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations!

    What a great first post. I look forward to reading more!

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