Adult Play in the Workplace

What adjectives come to mind when thinking about “play”? Some common responses may be: fun, imaginative, enchanting, childish, elusive, and creative. What if I were to tell you that play could also be described as: productive, healthy, innovative, and profitable? A handful of innovative companies are now recognizing the benefits of incorporating a recess-like period into the workday, including: an increase in productivity, job satisfaction, creativity, and mood, and a decrease in absenteeism, turnover, and health care costs!

This recess-like period is an unstructured time that employees have to pursue independent activities and engage in playful behaviors. It may be a small amount of work time that the company will have to sacrifice, but the return on their investment will be well worth it! Play allows employees to get creative, refuel their minds, and develop relationships with other workers that foster the sharing of ideas. By transforming our business model to one that incorporates play, we can revitalize the environment, decrease stress, and promote fresh creativity and job satisfaction!

There is a positive relationship between happy workers and productivity!

Is a new, more playful work environment on the horizon?


One Comment to “Adult Play in the Workplace”

  1. Very well written post! I love how you’re showing people that what some would consider counterproductive to be a boon for morale and productivity. You’re one smart cookie.

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