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August 25, 2011

Industry Patterns

Are certain industries more likely than others to accept the idea of engaging in play during the workday? Are the industries that support play more reliant on creativity for success?

Creative industries (those such as advertising, marketing, software design, etc.) are dependent on creativity and innovation to fuel productivity. A new, fresh idea or approach could launch their business ahead of competitors. Research for Adult Play in Corporate America found that employees who work in a creative industry are more likely to not only participate in playful activities during the workday, but also to support implementing play into workplace structure on a large scale. These industries are also more likely to encourage playful behaviors among employees and recognize the benefits of unstructured time!

“We encourage our employees to do whatever they need to be inspired creatively, so we have an open policy in terms of letting them pursue other projects or interests. Bottom line is, we see the value in giving employees the opportunity to have creative outlets because of the freedom they enjoy, the trust they build with each other, and the increased morale.” —Respondent at an advertising agency

Non-creative industries (such as investment management, insurance, finance, etc.) can succeed without relying on the creativity of their employees. Although these industries may not typically encourage playful behaviors, employees who believe that play has benefits for their performance and well-being find ways to incorporate it into their workday. A playful environment can be created around them, even if their company has not recognized the advantages! Some of these companies also reported that they are currently discussing the possibility of implementing an unstructured period into the workday.

“Employees who have a happy, balanced, and fulfilling career are the ones who will be of most value to you in achieving innovative or competitively advantageous ideas. That’s why we’re seeing companies doing more and more of this.” —Respondent who works in finance 

Individuals who believe in the power play has to transform our work environment are the driving force behind this new movement. That means you, so go spread the word!

August 22, 2011


GrownupsRemember…we can redefine what it means to be grownups!

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August 6, 2011

Food for Thought

The idea behind “playing about” something instead of thinking about it is that, when faced with a challenge, problem, or obstacle, our subconscious mind will help us solve it when we aren’t concentrating solely on the issue. Try spending time on other things (like learning to juggle, going for a long walk, or visiting a swing set) to help de-stress and revitalize you, and you may find that answers will present themselves more readily in this time of distraction!

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