A Play-full New Year

TwoThousand&Twelve! I hope you left some room for play in your New Year’s resolutions! If you haven’t yet, take a few moments to think about how you can incorporate more playful behaviors and activities into this year. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you =)

Welcoming play into your daily life can be simple!

  • Sing more often! In the shower, while cooking, driving, cleaning, etc.
  • Bring a small toy for your desk at work (or for a co-workers desk)
  • Take five minutes to Dance About It in the morning!
  • Play “I Spy” with someone in line at the grocery store
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter and share your playtime with dogs who will also benefit
  • Skip, don’t walk, to a meeting…you’ll be in a better mood when you get there
  • Make funny faces using your dinner food
  • Turn off the TV and do something outside! Climb a tree, skip stones, hike, explore, adventure!
  • Visit a swingset and see how high you can get

Make a pledge to yourself to engage in play-full behaviors and activities this new year! Play is not a luxury, it is invaluable to our health and well-being!


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