Dear Play-full Soul:

I bet you were once a curious young explorer conquering the nearby woods and adventuring to the very top of the playground! As a child, playtime was when you connected with yourself and the world around you. Unfortunately, somewhere along the journey from childhood adventures to adulthood responsibilities, we lose the magic of play.

The topic of adult play is often overlooked or misunderstood. Those of us who are play advocates focus on bringing awareness to making sure our children are regularly engaging in playful behaviors in school and at home. For those who are not, you’ve certainly heard or read a news report about the current state of childhood. Our children need to play to efficiently process information, spark innovation and originality, inspire creativity, and sustain their overall health.

My question to you is: if these same benefits can be experienced when adults engage in play, why is there not a bigger emphasis on playing throughout the life course?

Play creates the foundation for a happy, balanced life in childhood and adulthood.

Play is energizing, refreshing, and a wonderful form of stress relief! You may be thinking “even for adults?” I’m here to tell you, “Yes! Especially for adults.” There’s no reason you should ever outgrow the need for play!

How will you play today?


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