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September 7, 2013

Remaining Open

As an exercise in both mindfulness and self-awareness, I want you to think about each of these questions for a few moments, with the hope of gaining insight into your playful proclivities.

Are you openly allowing playfulness into your life, or can you sense an internal barrier that might be holding you back? 

To help guide you towards answering this main question, read through these follow-ups…

– If you came across swings at a bus stop (like Bruno Taylor’s project in London), would you hop on or stand to the side?

-If you were running a meeting this week, would you have employees ‘throw around’ ideas using a ball or get straight down to business?

-If you hit a road block (boredom, writer’s block, stuck on a work problem, etc.), would you consider engaging in a playful activity to help break down the wall?

There are playful opportunities everywhere, if you’re willing to participate!

Consider this an invitation to engage and embrace your playful self.

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