1. Adult Play in Corporate America (available soon)

Abstract: This study examines an emerging business model that incorporates a recess-like period into the workday of corporate America. This period is a free, unstructured time that employees have to pursue other interests to spark creativity and innovation. Some benefits of allowing employees time to play during the workday include: an increase in productivity, job satisfaction, and positive mood, and a decrease in turnover and absenteeism. The reality of play in the workplace is elucidated through historical and literary analysis, macro- and micro-level theoretical perspectives, and a collection of primary qualitative data. Interviews were conducted to provide a descriptive representation of how play is, or is not, currently being utilized in corporate America.

Keywords: Play, Productivity, Innovation, Job Satisfaction, Employee Motivation, Quality of Work Life, Creativity

2. Guest Blog Post for Playworks – 12/15/11  “All Work and No Play? There’s A Better Way!”

3. Guest Blog Post for Playworks – 5/31/12 “Discover Your Play: Making Room for Play in Your Life”

4. Guest Blog Post for – 7/10/12 “5 Ways Play Can Balance Your Life”


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